My Story

I saw a need to provide English courses that were designed to achieve people's objectives and build confidence. I set up a small, friendly and dynamic English studio with a focus on Australian culture to bring a new and interesting way of learning English.

My Teaching Approach

Nos classes sont en effectifs réduits et organisées suivant le Cadre européen commun de référence pour les langues afin de vous garantir un environnement homogène.

The Communicative approach is used by well know schools such as Cambridge, Berlitz and Inlingua.

The Three 'I's Approach

My approach is the three 'I's Approach- Immersion, Integration and Interraction.


Lessons are in English so you always listen to understand the context and the meaning of a conversation. Correcting your errors will help to communicate effectively, naturally and to build your confidence.


Integrate your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills to communicate effectively. Practice real scenarios and use authentic material which is reinforced through games, activities and technology.


Focus is on listening, understanding, pronunciation and speaking so you can express yourself on a range of topics. Focus on social and other interesting activities you can do in English rather than rules.

Meet the Team

Our English Teachers are professional, university educated, native or native level with a background in business, government, children, vocational training, adult teaching and social work.


Tony Giardina

Senior Teacher

Tony is a native English speaker raised in Australia with Italian heritage, he also speaks Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese. He holds Australian qualification in TESOL (Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language). He has taught in schools such as Bertiz and Inlingua in Italy, Mexico and France to young people and adults. In Toulouse he taught professionals such as engineers, IT consultants, architects, HR consultants and business administrators as well as University students.

He holds a Masters in Social Work (MSW) and has an interest in politics, social change and social justice. He also holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and has worked for the Australian State Government in social services. He has skills in project management, business planning, change management, human resources, training, mentoring and coaching.


Emmanuel Chaveroux

Senior Teacher

Emmanuel is a native French speaker raised in Albi with language skills in English, French and German. He has spent 15 years living in Australia and has native level English. He has a French qualification in FLE (Francais Langue Estanger) and Masters in German Literature and Civilisation and Australian qualifications in TESOL (Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language) as well as a Diploma in Teaching.

He is an experienced and Australian accredited teacher in both Primary and Secondary schools and has an interest in promoting language and culture and social justice around the world. He has worked in schools in Germany, France and International Grammar School in Sydney Australia teaching a communicative approach in English, French and German languages.


Caterina Mastroianni

Senior Teacher and Online trainer

Caterina started her career in education as a TESOL trained teacher teaching adult migrants and native born speakers in Australia as well as general and business English courses overseas. In her current role as Learning Designer she combines her teaching knowledge with her instructional design skills in order to create engaging learning resources customised to the specific learner audience.

She has also worked as an online teacher with many years experience. She is an experienced designer of eLearning courses using a number of tools including Learning Management Systems and has created vocational training course content, course design and management courses.

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