If you have any questions please contact us.

What size are the classes?

Classes can be one on one or in very small groups of between 2 and 6. The benefits of private lessons are that you get 100% attention from your teacher and we focus on your errors so you can self correct. You get a personalise program based on your interests and needs.

Conversation classes focus on group activities and structured discussion on social issues and grammar. The benefit of group work is that you revise and learn from other students not just your teacher.

How often should I have a lesson?

A lesson once or twice a week over 10 weeks (depending if you have time) gives you time to absorb and review the material you learned. Intensive every day lessons over one week is beneficial if you want to review grammar and correct errors.

What do you expect from students?

Our responsibility is to develop a program for your needs and provide you with a progress report at the end of the program.

Your responsibility is to practice at home the activities we give you every week. These reinforce what you have just learned in the lesson.

Will I improve my English?

You will increase your vocabulary, learn new grammar, learn expressions in real situations, feel more confident because of our teaching style which is supportive and fun.